Tax Strategy When Selling Your Home After Your Spouse’s Death

Did you own a home with your spouse when she was still living? And were you planning to sell your home but you were wondering if you can claim the capital gain exemption?

Hello, this is Noel Dalmacio, your ultimate CPA at LowerMyTaxNow.

In order to claim the $500,000 capital gain exemption on the sale of your home, the sale needs to happen within two years from your spouse’s date of death. You also need to meet the three requirements below:

  1. Either you or your deceased spouse must have owned the property for at least two years before your spouse‘s death.
  2. The couple must have lived in the home for at least two years prior to the death of the spouse.
  3. The capital gain exemption must not have been claimed by either spouse in the two years before death.

Example: Joe and Jackie are married and have owned and used their home since January 1, 2000. On January 1, 2018, Jackie passed away. If Joe sells the home before January 1, 2020, he will qualify for the $500,000 capital gain exemption.

Here’s one tax trap that you need to be aware of – this rule will not apply if you decide to remarry before the sale of your home within the two-year period. So watch out!

That’s all I have for today. So make sure that you meet all the tax requirements so you can claim the exemption when you sell your home after your spouse’s death.

Until then, this is Noel Dalmacio, your ultimate CPA at

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