Tax Strategies For Surviving Spouse When Selling A Home

Do you know someone that recently passed away and the surviving spouse wants to sell the home but was not sure about the tax issues?

Hello, this is Noel Dalmacio, your ultimate CPA at LowerMyTaxNow.

The $500,000 capital gain exemption that applies to married couples also applies to unmarried surviving spouses if he/she meets the following rules:

1. Only one spouse must meet the two-year ownership test
2. BOTH spouses must meet the two-year USE test
3. Neither spouse used the exemption the last 2 years
4. Sale should happen within 2 years
5. Exemption will not apply if the spouse remarries before the sale within the two-year period
This is very important! The tax planning then is to sell the property first before you get married again!

There you have it! Make sure you apply these rules in order to claim the $500K capital gain exemption.

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