New Relief Re: 60-Day IRA Rollover Errors

Have you ever received an IRA distribution with the intention of “rolling it over” or depositing it into another IRA account but you missed the 60-day rollover rule?

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Under this rule, you’re required to complete the rollover within 60 days of receiving the distribution. If you miss the deadline, tough luck, you have to report the distribution as income and perhaps pay a penalty. Ouch!

In the past, you had to request a special statement from the IRS to avoid that outcome. Now, the IRS says you may qualify for a waiver if you meet one out of eleven allowable reasons. Here we go:

1. Error was committed by your financial institution
2. Distribution check was misplaced and never cashed
3. Distribution was deposited into an account that you thought was an existing retirement plan
4. Your principal residence was severely damaged
5. A family member died
6. You or a family member was seriously ill
7. You went to jail
8. Restrictions were imposed by a foreign country
9. Postal error occurred
10. Distribution was due to IRS levy and then the proceeds was returned by the IRS
11. The party making the distribution delayed providing information that delayed the rollover

There you have it! So next time, if you missed the IRA 60-day rollover rule, please look into the eleven allowable reasons to get relief.

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