Last Chance To Claim Your 2013 Refund

Have you filed your 2013 tax returns yet? If you have not filed yet – STOP, and make sure you listen to this so you don’t lose your refund.

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According to the IRS, if you are one of the nearly one million taxpayers who failed to file a return for 2013, then you are in danger of losing your refund. Tax law provides a three-year period limit beginning from the tax due date to claim a refund when no return is filed. That means, since your 2013 tax return due date was April 15, 2014, you are given up to three years from the due date, to file on or before the April tax deadline – April 18 of this year – or the chance to claim the refund is gone for good.
Now here’s the twist, for a refund – there’s a three-year limit, but if you owe money – there’s no time limit until you file your taxes. So what’s the LowerMyTaxNow tax strategy? File your 2013 tax returns before April 18.
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