Five Items To Consider When Starting A New Business

Are you starting or planning a new business this year? If yes, make sure you consider these five items into account.

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• Business plan. You need to outline who will own the business and what the legal structure will be, your qualifications to run the business, the competitive market you face, the products or services you will sell, and how you intend to advertise to prospective customers. Also, how much cash will you need to start up and where will those funds come from? These are important questions that you need to answer and address before starting your business. Keep this in mind: no answer, no business!

• Legal form. You can form a corporation, or operate as an LLC, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. However, you need to consider both tax and non-tax reasons for selecting a given business structure. These means, you need to know your priority. Do you want to maximize tax deductions? Is the priority legal protection? Are you going to sell the business to a competitor in the next few years? Do you want to minimize your estate tax? Are you going to go public? So make sure you know the goal in mind.

• Location. If your business will consist only of online sales, then your corporate office can be wherever you are. However, if your business needs foot traffic to thrive, you’ll need to research rents and other costs such as utilities, as well as zoning and traffic restrictions.

• Taxes. You’ll have to work with the IRS, state tax agencies, and local governments to obtain permits and business licenses.

• Advisors. You need to create a business financial team that includes a banker, an insurance agent, an attorney, and yours truly, your favorite accountant. So make sure you involve your advisors early and frequently.

To recap, starting a new business can be very challenging, but by considering these five items, you can put yourself on the path of an aspiring business owner. Good luck!

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