Do you know who you’re giving to?

Do you usually feel charitable during the holidays? Before, you give your check to a charity organization though, you need to do a little bit of a homework.
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Normally, many charities use your donations wisely. Unfortunately, others spend too much of your contribution on fundraising and administrative expenses. Some even misrepresent themselves and ask for your money for phony causes. In today’s world, investigating a charity before you make a donation is the smart way of doing it.
Here’s a checklist on how you can protect yourself:
● Number 1. You have to request a written documentation about the charity’s mission and how your contribution will be spent. You have to ask for proof that your donation is tax deductible. If a charity is reluctant to provide information, think twice about making a gift.
● Number 2. When you receive a phone solicitation, the caller must provide their name, charitable organization name, telephone number and address. If a caller refuses to give you this information, hang up. Report the call to local authorities to help protect others.
● Number 3. Do not provide your credit card number over the phone. Instead, consider mailing your contribution once you’ve confirmed that the charity is legitimate and that it represents a cause you’d like to support.
● Lastly, number 4. Just because an organization gives you a receipt for your records doesn’t mean the organization is tax-exempt or that your contribution is tax-deductible. To find out if an organization is exempt from federal income tax and how much of your contributions to it are tax deductible, visit the IRS website at and type in “EO select check”. Once your there, type in the organization’s info.
Asking the right questions and obtaining information about a charity is the only way you can be sure your contribution will be used to benefit the causes and people you want to support.
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